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    Agent Support

    Surety Support Services, provides surety solutions for your clients. As a surety only agency, we spend our time on bonds, giving you more time to do what you do best, insurance.

    We broker all types of bonds, specializing in hard to obtain bonds and complex regulatory issues.

    Our agent commission program pays a generous percentage based on referral volume.

    Once a bond is written, the account is automatically linked to your agent account in our system. That way, all future bonds whether you are involved or not, will continue to generate income for your agency.

    Contact us to become a registered agency. “Proper E&O Insurance Coverage license required.


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    Contractors are gearing up for the 2019 construction season. They are surveying the landscape; reviewing new infrastructure projects for opportunities.

    Choosing a Surety Bond over a Letter of Credit

    In today’s lending environment, with credit easy to obtain and often inexpensive many contractors are tempted to choose to secure jobs with Letters of Credit over Surety Bonds.

    Our Story

    Surety Support Services has provided bonds to the Midwest for more than 40 years. With a focus on hard to place bonds and companies that deal in complex regulations, we provide support, we provide solutions.

    Contract (including SBA), Environmental and Land Reclamation Bonds are our specialty, but we offer comprehensive bond services – License, Permit, Subdivision and Court Bonds. We are a “bonds only" facility with a reputation for handling “hard to place bonds." However, our surety relationships allow us to access standard and preferred surety rates as well. We look for solutions to fit our clients’ bond needs.

    Gary E. Bradley


    Gary began his bond career in 1971 and spent 8 years working for companies in the Kansas City area. From the beginning, Gary focused on specialty agencies and small contractors, finding solutions. He established his own surety brokerage company in 1979 and today operates under the umbrella of General Indemnity Group.

    Even after 40+ years, Gary finds that everyday there's a new challenge, a different type of bond obligation or client concern. There are issues that require an in-depth review to fully understand and offer suggestions, along with referrals to professionals, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, and other professionals.

    Gary finds tremendous satisfaction in getting to the finish line, whether it's delivering a difficult, last minute bond, or working through challenging times with clients and following their positive turn around. He explains, “We think of our facility as a holding pattern for clients who've experienced problems and need bonds and projects to return to profitability. If they're going to have chance to turn things around, they need surety capacity which normally requires something other than a standard market approach."

    Gary resides in Kansas with his wife and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. His high energy at work spills over to his leisure time where he enjoys scuba diving, golfing, jogging, and flying.

    Zach Bradley


    After spending 3 years in the insurance industry, Zach joined Surety Support Services 9 years ago. Zach holds the AFSB Designation (Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding), and is current board member of the Surety Association of Kansas City.

    Zach gets a lot of satisfaction in helping people get bonds placed. He undertands how critical bonding can be to various businesses (particularly agents who need assistance getting a bond to their client). He enjoys putting together “hard to place" bonds and seeing them through from start to finish. He works to make the process as quick and painless as possible. He notes, “I understand that the surety industry is relationship driven, so my relationships with the surety markets and our customers are paramount.

    A sports enthusiast, Zach is a fan of University of Kansas football and basketball, and the Kansas City Royals. Travel, excercise and sports are at the center of his active lifestyle that he enjoys with his wife and daughters.

    Chrissy Flavin

    Office Manager

    Chrissy is the newest member of the Surety Support Services team serving as the Agency Manager handling day to day operations, marketing and underwriting. Her industry experience spans nearly 3 decades in insurance and surety. Chrissy developed her skills through her numerous roles in marketing and underwriting with insurance companies, surety agencies and surety providers. Chrissy earned her AFSB designation and is very active in the industry serving as a Past President of Surety Association of Kansas City.

    Chrissy enjoys reading, cooking and traveling. It was her love of travel which prompted her to take a position working on a cruise ship. Although she traveled the world her favorite part of the job was interacting with the guests. It was here she feels solidified the importance of customer service. Chrissy strives to live by Maya Angelou's quote: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."