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Disputes are a matter of fact sometime during the lifetime of a construction company. It’s probably more likely for contractors who travel, entertain complex projects, deal with numerous private owners, architects, etc.

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Let’s be honest. There are occasions when construction parties aren’t required to obtain bonds and an LOC (letter of credit) might seem like a good option. The process of an LOC is simple: It is a promise by the issuer to pay the beneficiary on behalf of the applicant.

Think you know everything about the benefit of bonds? Here are a few other services they provide that you might not know about:

1. Weed out the underqualified partners: The underwriting or prequalification process weeds out unreliable contractors and subcontractors and ensures only qualified companies receive the contract awards.

2. Give the project owner much-needed insight: The underwriting or prequalification process allows the project owner to determine who is bondable and who is not. If a contractor is not able to get bonded, there is usually a good reason why, and project owners should be cautious.

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A Small Business Administration proposal to streamline two key loan programs is getting largely positive feedback from lenders and will help contractors looking for loans. If you are a contractor in the need of a loan, consider the SBA.

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