Hard to Place Contract Bonds / Difficult to handle Environmental Bonds

Having trouble getting a bond placed?

Surety Support Services Inc. has a history of finding solutions for difficult and unusual bonds. We like getting our “hands dirty” to get your bond placed, and we welcome all challenges!

  •  Poor credit
  •  Unusual, Hazardous & long-term guarantees
  •  Inadequate financial statements
  •  Informal underwriting information

SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program​​(contract bonds only)

Surety Support Services Inc. has provided bonds through the Small Business Administration Surety Bond Guarantee Program since 1979. We have a long history of graduating contractors from the SBA Bond Guarantee Program to Standard Programs. Want to learn more about the SBA Bond Program? Click Here!

Reclamation & Environmental Protection Bonds​

Guarantees that land which has been disturbed from mining, drilling and exploration operations is reclaimed to a condition as close as possible to the condition it was in before those operations occurred.

  •  Reclamation, ​Mining and Removal Bonds
  •  Land Closure Bonds
  •  Oil & Gas Well Drilling, Plugging and Exploration Bonds

Funds Control​​(contract bonds only)

Funds Control is a risk management tool that allows the surety, through the surety’s in-house facility or a third party administrator, to process the project funds. This feature simply assures that all of the contract proceeds are used to pay costs directly associated with the project and not borrowed for other projects or overhead requirements. Funds control is handled in accordance with the contractor’s project budget and consent prior to paying the various suppliers, subcontractors, laborer’s etc.


Collateral is sometimes the only option, ​and simply consist of the contractor/principal depositing acceptable collateral (Cash, Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC), CD, Brokerage Account, Deeds of Trust on Property, etc.) to support the bond. The amount is specific to each case but normally will range from 10-100% of the bond.

Third Party Indemnity

Third Party Indemnity is used when there is an outside party with an acceptable financial statement willing to provide a guarantee on the principal’s behalf.

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For Over 40 Years Surety Support Services Inc. has provided surety-only services to contractors, insurance agents, brokers, and all types of businesses – large and small – with their bond needs. You can be assured that we will make every effort to provide the bonds required.

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