Insurance Agents & Brokers

We work to give insurance agents more time to do what they do best, insurance. Surety Support Services Inc. is a “bonds-only” surety specialist that brokers all types of bonds for insurance agents. You can be assured that we will make every effort to provide the bonds required for your clients, and you have a guarantee that we will not be a threat to you on any insurance products.

Surety Support Services Inc. has an agent commission program that pays a generous percentage based on referral volume. The only requirement is that every agent is properly licensed with E&O Insurance Coverage.

Once a bond is written, the account is automatically linked to your agent account in our system. That way, all future bonds whether you’re involved or not, will continue to generate income for your agency.


Bonds For Contractors

Surety Support Services Inc. serves contractors of all types and sizes, including small emerging firms and specialty trades. Surety Support Services Inc. will find you the maximum surety bond capacity at the most competitive rates. Up front, you will know your bond capacity and rate, allowing you more time to estimate jobs. The days of scrambling last-minute for bonding are over!

Surety bond specialists

Our personnel are surety-only specialists bringing many benefits to you and your business. We know the marketplace, rates, realistic programs, financial reporting that the sureties want to see, etc. How about the value of experiences we’ve already encountered? Working in new regions of the country? An unfamiliar owner? An unusual project type? Either we’ve already seen it or have the resources to find the expert advice. Almost all family doctors diagnose the patient’s general symptoms and then refer them to a specialist for the most qualified care. Take your bonds to the specialist…

In-house authority

Because of our excellent reputation and experience in the marketplace we have in-house authority with many of our surety markets, which allows for fast decisions on your behalf.

CPA/Banker/Attorney referrals

If you don’t have a current relationship with surety knowledgeable CPA’s, bankers or attorneys, don’t worry. We can introduce you to teams of professionals who will provide you with valuable, time saving experiences in these critical areas. These contractor-oriented professionals will help maximize your surety program.

Establishing a back-up bond line of credit

Just like electronic data and computer files, your surety program needs a back-up plan. We offer a no-obligation, confidential backup surety program so that if your current surety relationship should be disrupted for any reason or cannot meet your expectations, you can continue to meet last-minute bid and final bond requirements with confidence. You’ll never get left out of a critical project with a Surety Support Services supplemental bond line of credit.

SBA Bond Specialists

We have provided bonds through the Small Business Administration Surety Bond Guarantee Program since 1979.

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For Over 40 Years Surety Support Services Inc. has provided surety-only services to contractors, insurance agents, brokers, and all types of businesses – large and small – with their bond needs. You can be assured that we will make every effort to provide the bonds required.

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